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Last Sunday, a line in the first reading from Jeremiah hit me. The “weeping prophet” struck a joyful note when he described one who trusts in the Lord as “a tree planted beside the … more
Meteorologists were cooking up the perfect storm with every ingredient they could find. “Blizzard conditions,” they said, and people ran out to buy up milk and ice-melt. Kids got off … more
I don’t know if it is a lack of creativity in the deepest doldrums of winter, but I tend to write a kind of personal State of the Union message about now. It is another birthday this week. … more
He knew it wasn’t his best sermon. He wandered, gave too much information, and few got his hilarious joke. He failed to read the room and lost most listeners before he got … more
We received a video of our youngest grandchild who just turned 1. This was her first Christmas in which she was a conscious participant, and she loved every minute of it. That was until Daddy … more
Have you ever tried to map your thoughts? Sometimes they flow like a stream of logic, at other times, they’re more a grasshopper on steroids. The other day, I experienced what appeared to … more
As kids, we had Advent wreaths made of coat hangers, cedar greens and nubby candles my mother refused to toss as long as there was some light left in them.  Advent means “coming,” … more
I parked my car across the street. Getting out, I looked at our yard and saw the full autumn palette of golds and oranges and reds diffused among the trees. But there was one that, at the very … more
As temperatures and leaves began to fall, I took to the yard to prepare for winter. Like so many other gardeners and lawn stewards, I cut back dying plants, raked those annoying locust pods, and … more
We are preparing to go to Mexico where our small foundation feeds some 600 students every day. These are Mayan children living in rural villages. COVID closed these communities, along with their … more
“Christ and the Rich Young Ruler” is a painting by the German Heinrich Hofmann. Two things about that work strike me. The first is how Hofmann tells the story in the … more
On Sunday, the first reading was from Numbers. Generally, the purpose of the first reading is to thematically set the table for the Gospel. In this case, Joshua jealously complains to Moses about … more
Our daughter-in-law was changing her 2-year-old. The little one looked up at her mother and said, “Mommy, you’re pretty.” Mommy gently kissed her and replied, “Caroline, … more
“Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” I could picture Athenaeus time-traveling from third century Egypt to our firepit in northwest … more
We had two women graduate our recovery program last week.  One was simply bubbly, with a smile that would melt an iceberg. In another life, she might have been a teacher or a … more
Another beautiful day — sunny, a gentle breeze and the ocean in mid-tide. With neither the tumultuous swells of high tide, nor the languid waters of low, the sea was undulating and … more
My friend is an Irish nun, an English nurse, and a Peruvian missionary. I met her over 40 years ago when she was an energetic idealist with a call to dress the wounds, cure the sickness, and hold … more
Overhearing their conversation was unavoidable. It was intense — not heated but genuine, not loud but impassioned. It was not what you would expect from two men standing at an ab … more
We do mission work in Yucatan. Among the many attractions of that Mexican state is the Chicxulub Crater, formed some 66 million years ago when an asteroid crashed into earth, leaving a hole 12 miles … more
I was waiting for the plumber at one of our ministry houses and I decided to rest a minute on the front porch. It was one of those perfect moments. A light rain was falling, the slightest breeze … more
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