New online form for submitting names for the People Page

Mandatory use of new form, changes for anniversaries, effective Aug. 1


The Catholic Missourian is making changes to how it accepts information for its “People Page,” beginning Aug. 1, 2022.

From that time forward, all names for the “People Page” will need to be submitted electronically, using the form at:

Parishes or individuals will use the form to submit:

  • wedding anniversaries (increments of 5 years from 10 through 60, and increments of 1 year from 60 years forward);
  • birthdays of 90 years or more;
  • Baptisms;
  • Sacraments of initiation;
  • marriages;
  • elections or appointments of parishioners to offices for parish- or Church-related organizations; and
  • special honors bestowed on parishioners.

It is important to note that wedding anniversaries will be published only in increments of 5 years until 60 years of marriage, at which time wedding anniversaries can be published each year.

People who need assistance submitting information should contact their parish secretary.

The changes were approved by Bishop W. Shawn McKnight under the advice of his cabinet and the staff of The Catholic Missourian and the diocesan Communication Department.

The change is part of an effort to streamline the process of gathering and verifying of names for the “People Page.”

The process has grown unwieldy in recent years, especially during the summer months, which are popular for weddings.

“The People Page will remain an important part of each print edition of The Catholic Missourian as source of information and as a litany of prayer,” stated Jay Nies, editor. “We appreciate people’s cooperation in using this new form to help ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the names we publish.”