Local Catholics contribute $122,588 toward Ukraine relief efforts


The Church in central and northeastern Missouri is providing crucial help to people affected by the unfolding humanitarian disaster in Ukraine.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the people of the Jefferson City diocese have contributed $122,588 to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) program for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe.

This program focuses on rebuilding the pastoral capacity of the Church and restoring the faith in 28 countries in the region.

The emphasis is currently on helping the people of Ukraine, who have been experiencing devastating loss and destruction since the war began.

Contributions go toward providing “emergency funds that are already helping the victims of this war with food and water, hygiene supplies, support, and other necessary humanitarian services,” according to the USCCB’s website (usccb.org). Contributions are still being accepted online at diojeffcity.org/donate.

For parishes that have completed the transition to the stewardship model, this donation is considered to be above and beyond individuals’ regular tithe.