BODE — Four holy habits for the New Year


This is a more specific version of a list of suggestions Cathedral of St. Joseph parishioner Ed Bode adapted after receiving them from Catholic parishes in Janesville, Wisconsin:


Increase your personal holiness. Practice FOUR Holy Habits:


Attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation

Receive the Eucharist worthily

Make Sunday special; spend time with family, serving, praying, enjoying holy leisure

Pray daily

Attend a weekday Mass; worthily receive the Eucharist

Pray for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Listen, and apply messages

Pray before and after all meals

Spend at least 15 minutes in private prayer

Read a Catholic Bible; begin with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Apply messages for your personal response

Spend at least 15 minutes in private prayer

Pray the Rosary; vary the Mysteries; apply the messages

Pray in a Eucharistic Adoration chapel; respond to Jesus

Friday penance

Make every Friday a day of penance

Do not eat meat, or make some other sacrifice to remember the crucifixion of our Savior, Jesus Christ

Monthly confession

Before going to bed, make an examination of conscience

Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation worthily at least monthly